Welcome to Ribbon of Hope

The voice announced, “You have CANCER.”  And in that moment your entire world turned upside down. The roar in your head muffled the doctor’s voice and suddenly you realize you saw their lips moving but could not understand what was being said.  The roar was the sound of question after question pounding on your brain like the waves of the ocean hitting the shore during a hurricane. The news was traumatic and the questions rob you of the emotional “oxygen” needed to clear your head.  “Will I survive?”  “Will treatment be painful?”  “How will I cover the cost of treatment?”  “What will happen to my family?”

…And at that moment you felt totally and utterly alone.


Why Should You Contact Ribbon of Hope?

Each year thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer and begin the physically demanding and emotionally challenging journey toward survival. Ribbon of Hope complements the technical side of cancer care by bringing encouragement to patients on their cancer journey.  Our staff and volunteers also connect with family members and caregivers in order to provide additional encouragement and support as they work with their loved one. Since our beginning in 1999, Ribbon of Hope has walked beside more than 2,000 cancer patients in our community.

Join us in our crusade to ensure that no one walks alone in their battle with cancer. Please contact our office in Elkhart, IN at (574) 389-7379 if you or someone you know would benefit from additional emotional and/or spiritual support.